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Dive Centre Bondi

Dive Centre Bondi is one of the largest trainers of Scuba divers in Sydney, with a central location just minutes from world famous Bondi Beach. A PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) 5 Star Instructor Development Centre. We offer a range of courses for all ages and abilities. With a state-of-the-art dive facility, and a full stock of rental equipment, it’s an ideal place to discover the wonderful world of Scuba diving.

Dive Centre Bondi is also an approved service centre for all major manufacturers of dive equipment. Servicing includes pre-service checks, full strip down and ultrasonic clean of all metal components.  O-rings, filters and other components are replaced according to the manufacturers' guidelines before rebuilding, testing and fine-tuning.  Drop in for a quote and free inspection or contact us on (02) 9369 3855 or at .



What we do


Dive Centre Bondi offers advanced gas filling facilities thanks to our membrane filling system.

  • Nuvair Membrane System and Compair 5409 HP compressor
  • Trimix continuous flow mixing panel
  • Storage banks for compressed air, 32% Nitrox and Trimix 21/35.
  • Dedicated fill panels for air and mixed gases.

This system eliminates the need for partial pressure blending so you don't need an O2 clean tank to obtain 32% Nitrox.  We bank GUE Standard mixes to facilitate a full range of diving. Please see pricing options below.



$12.50 per Air fill or $15 Nitrox 32%.  Fill cards are available for $100 for 10 air fills or $125 for 10 nitrox fills. 

The prices of Trimix are based on cylinder size (eg 21/35 in twin 12.2L costs $7.00 per 10bar). Ask in-store for more details. 



We have a good stock of rental equipment at Dive Centre Bondi.  Aqua Lung Wetsuits, Regulators, BCDs and computers are available for rent.  Prices are based on 24 hour hire:

$110.00  Full Equipment Hire (mask, snorkel, boots and fins, wetsuit, BCD, regulators, computer, weights and tank)

$80.00  Full Equipment Hire (excluding mask, snorkel, boots and fins)

$20.00  Individual items (tank, BCD, regulators, etc)

$50.00  Dry suit (please prebook your size)

$50.00  Manifolded twin tanks (excludes trimix)