Explore the unexplored! GUE’s Technical Diver 2 course is designed to enhance deep diving proficiency while using helium breathing gasses and oxygen-enriched decompression gasses.

The GUE Technical Diver 2 (Tech 2) course further develops technical diving excellence, building upon previously learned skills with a focus on diving proficiency at increasing depth using Helium diving gases with Oxygen enriched decompression gases. Course participants will gain experience working with a variety of different gas mixtures for use as bottom mix and multiple decompression gases. The course is designed to instill in divers a working knowledge of extended range diving including physiology, tables and logistics. Special emphasis is placed on extended exposures and on their associated considerations (gas consumption, DCS, Oxygen toxicity, and thermal concerns).  Topics covered:

The use of multiple stages

The use of Trimix and greater percentages of Helium.

Gas management

Oxygen management


Accelerated, omitted and general decompression strategies

Dive planning

Technical equipment configurations

The GUE Tech 2 course is conducted over a 6-day period, and cumulatively involves a minimum of 40 hours of instruction, including a minimum of 6 hours in the classroom and 8 dives (4 of which will be critical skill dives and 4 will be experience dives).

For more information on upcoming GUE Technical Diver 2 Courses send us an email or give us a call on (02) 9369 3855.