Rediscover your Diving!

If you haven't been in the water for a while, or would like to refresh your skills with a PADI Instructor, the PADI Scuba Review Course is the perfect way to prepare for your next PADI course or dive trip!

Course Details

Ideal if you haven’t been in the water for a while!  The PADI Scuba Review is a one-day course which includes a short theory review, equipment assembly, underwater dive skills and surface skills.  It is conducted in open water (not a pool) and includes two supervised dives - perfect for getting your diving skills and knowledge back up to speed, whilst seeing some of Sydney's marine life at the same time!

The course includes all dive equipment, your instructor for the day and two open water dives.  We normally head to Camp Cove, Gordons Bay or Clovelly Ocean Pool for your two dives, depending on weather and sea conditions on the day.

Course Schedule

  • Theory: Complete a short review of theory and equipment setup.
  • Diving: During your two shore dives with your instructor, you’ll have a chance to refresh some of the critical skills you learned during your last course.  We normally finish around 3pm (estimated).

Book Now!

To book your Scuba Refresher course online simply select your start date and follow the prompts.  You can also book by phone with credit card details or drop into the Dive Centre to book in-store.  

We also arrange these days by appointment, so simply give us a call or email us to book your own Scuba Review!